Kofre’s Curse Kickstarter Coming Soon

We’d like to announce a new board game that we’ve been working on for the past couple months! Kofre’s Curse is a board game where you cooperatively excavate a pyramid and work together to defeat Kofre, an ancient Egyptian sorcerer possessed by four Egyptian gods. A Kickstarter campaign for this game will be launching in a couple weeks and we hope that you will enjoy the game’s plethora of treasures, traps and hideous monsters. Check out the pictures for more details!

Work cooperatively to defeat the bosses!
Crazy Rami is probably my favorite character so far.
An earlier prototype! Rooms assemble to make a pyramid. Then the boss emerges…
We got the box in from China! Shiny eyes make it look mysterious.
The back of the box! Very cool!

BOCO is Openwest Ready

In our last post we showed some progress pics of the physical version of BOCO.  It was quite difficult, but our good friends over at C&C Woodsmith (check out their site at https://cncwoodsmith.weebly.com/)  were able to make it happen.  We’ve very excited about how it turned out and look forward to seeing everyone at Openwest.

Happy Pi Day!

Except Pi Day was two days ago! I sat down to start this blog on Pi Day, so I’m pretty sure it counts somehow.

Binary Cocoa had a successful run at SaltCon!  We sold all but two of our Wet Blanket decks and play tested it for four straight days in a row. We did notice that there were a couple things that we could improve before our next big production run, but at least now we know what people think about the game! We laughed much and met some really awesome people. Hopefully we’ll get to do it again next year!

Collider has also been doing quite well on Steam. We love watching people respond to it and couldn’t be more proud of the hard work that went into making it. The soundtrack, along with a lot of our other music is up on Spotify! Check out the music and enjoy the game vibes! Thanks for sticking around and we’ll update the blog again next week with our 2017 plans!

Get Collider For Only $2.99

Collider’s price has been dropped to $2.99! Indefinitely! Head on over to it’s Steam page to pick up a copy and battle it out with the bots and your friends! Also enjoy the newest game mode, Serpentine in all it’s snake like glory. We hope you enjoy it!

As for other Binary Cocoa things we’re just making plans for Saltcon next month. We’ve been trying to figure out how to use time the most effectively there, what to bring and where we’ll sleep at night. It’s going to be pretty wild! We’ve heard nothing but good things about it since we’ve signed up to have a booth there. We’ll be bringing Wet Blanket and Soggy Biscuit so if you haven’t had the chance to try them out yet this is would be a good opportunity!

Stephen has been doing lots of soundtrack music lately for a dungeon builder game that our friend Thomas has been working on. Check it out on Steam Greenlight and throw it a vote if you feel so inclined! Thanks for being here!

Serpentine Is Out!

Friends and enemies! Serpentine is officially out! This is the newest and probably last game mode for Collider that we’ll be putting out for a while. Taking a break to focus on some new game concepts! But we’re extremely proud of what we’ve done so far with Collider and couldn’t be happier with the reception from the community. Thanks for being there for us and enjoy Collider! We won’t be abandoning the game as we will be fixing bugs for a while. Feel free to send us bug reports and show us your mods that you build! Here’s a video of the newest game mode!

Also, our friend Thomas from Norseware is putting out a game called Dungeon Masters on Steam Greenlight! Be sure to show him some love if you get the chance! He’s been super helpful to Binary Cocoa over the past year. Here’s a screencap of his game!

More things to come soon! We’re busy cooking up some new ideas, trying to end some old things, and looking forward to the future!